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Gilles Mercier’s aviation career started in 1978 as a bush pilot on a Cessna 185. After a few seasons as a Bush Pilot and Fire Patrol Pilot, Gilles decided to join the Air Force. Soon after his graduation from the recruit basic training in St-Jean, Qc in 1983, he attended the Air Basic
Aircrew Training (Phase 1) in Comox, British Columbia to become a crew member on the CP-140 Aurora aircraft as an Airborne Electronic Sensors Operator (AESOP). On completion of his training in Comox, Gilles moved on to CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia to complete his second phase where he received his Aircrew Wing.

During his operational tour to 405 Squadron and 404 Squadron Greenwood, he flew missions from Norway, Scotland, Italy, Denmark, France, New Zealand, United States, Yugoslavia (during the conflict in Kosovo) and Canada. After 2500 hours on the CP-140 Aurora it was time for a different challenge where he was posted to CFB Borden as an instructor teaching at the Air Command Academy. His main role at the Academy was to fly a desk and teach leadership to soldiers pursuing for a promotion in their working environment as a Leader.

During the years 2000 to 2003, Gilles was a Para pilot for Skydive Toronto Inc, which offered him new and various types of challenges.

In 2004 he became an instructor/entrepreneur; Freedom Flying School was born. Having a full time job and a flying school was challenging and rewarding. He finally saw the light after 21 years of loyal service to the Air Force, during which time he was honoured to receive the Canadian Decoration (CD), Special Service Medal (SSM), and the Canadian Peace Keeping Medal.

He then decided it was time to retire from the Air Force. In 2005, Gilles joined his business with Edenvale Flying Club were it became Eden Flight Inc. He is proud to say that Eden Flight (Ultralight) was one of the most reputable full time flying schools in Canada. Since he loves new venture and challenge, he decided to have his own flying school "FREEDOM FLYING SCHOOL INC" and it is his ultimate goal to become the best and most well known in the industry for it's commitment, professionalism and safety records.

Services offered include:

Pilot Training: Comprehensive structured pilot training for ultralight sport aircraft. Training is available in english or french.

Aircraft and Aircraft kit sales:
Freedom Flying School is distributor for the Challenger Aircraft.

Aircraft Assembly:
Freedom Flying School can deliver and train you in a ready to fly aircraft.

Training Aircraft: Our school provides training on the following aircraft:
  • Challenger Aircraft.

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