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Training Products

Highly organized, integrated training programs are the heart of our operational success. Each program integrates reference material with a structured Flight Training Syllabus and a dynamic multi-media ground school program. Each program is continually evaluated for effectiveness and improvements are incorporated through a disciplined amendment initiative.

Programs include student references distributed with the initial training package, detailed training plans with student training records, and multi-media presentations complete with Instructor notes for classroom activities.

Current Programs:
  • Ultralight Pilot Permit
  • Ultralight Instructor Rating
  • Ultralight Conversion Course (for licensed pilots)
  • Ski Flying Seminar
  • Pilot Decision Making
As we enter the next phase of our program evolution, we are striving to introduce multi media tools for preparatory initiatives in our flight-training syllabus. These tools will be integrated either through our distributed student training materials, or online through student resources.

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