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Freedom Flying School works hard to ensure that our team presents the best possible image in the local and regional markets. We strive for a uniform corporate identity and deliver a compelling message to as wide an audience as possible with a minimum investment of advertising dollars. We seek every edge to gain the market recognition required to make our services stand out. Leveraging tremendous Public Relations opportunities, our approach endeavours to build name recognition and market presence within each region.

Press releases are one of the most powerful forms of advertising and marketing. We never underestimate the value of press and publicity and work with our affiliates to ensure our network gets media coverage we need. The value of the exposure and recognition that a newspaper or magazine write-up, editorial or product feature, can have has proven time and time again to be greater then the most advanced advertising campaign.

Through our press release distribution services, we have had regular exposure in local newspapers in addition to almost continual coverage in many national publications. Our current efforts are even striving to get feature television segments! No amount of paid advertising can often do as much as a two minute news segment which favours our product or services.

At the center of our marketing effort is a dynamic web site designed to represent our group, inform the public and deliver a message which compels them to take the next step: calling the affiliate closest to them.

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