General Information

The shell of each Full Lotus float is double walled to ensure a long life even in the harshest climate.

Each float has eight compartments housing individual bladders. Easily removed for repair if necessary.

Full Lotus gives you a choice of either the two float or mono hull systems.

Each float is designed to maintain buoyancy with up to half of it's internal bladders punctured. Other bladders migrate to fill the deflated bladder cavity.

FULL LOTUS floats are better than skis. You can land in very soft snow without sinking in because of the large footprint of the floats compared to skis.

FL floats are safer than skis when landing on frozen lakes. Should the ice break, a ski plane would sink. A FULL LOTUS equipped aircraft will float.

Full Lotus floats are better than skis. The large footprint of the Full Lotus floats allows you to land safely on the softest snow.

The winter flier no longer needs to worry about landing on thin ice or frozen lakes and rivers. Many Ski equipped planes are lost each year to thin ice.

All available colours - gray, yellow and blue - across the Full Lotus line.

(Step Anti Compression System)

Aluminum stiffener board

Water rudder assembly

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