Amphibious Gear for FL1260's

The initial concept of the amphibous gear was to accommodate as wide a variety of Full Lotus float owners as possible.

Testing was completed on a Chinook Plus 2 with a Rotax 582 with excellent results. This design will accommodate any model of aircraft capable of using the Full Lotus FL1260 series floats, being independant of airframe attach points. The only aircraft related considerations are for the front wheel steering cables.

The design uses electric servo motors to raise and lower the wheels and the servo motors have built in micro-switches which limit over travel.
A micro switch is also incorporated to insure the landing gear locks are in the correct position when raising and lowering the wheel assemblies.

Failsafe features have been incorporated but, being actuated by electrical servo motors, the loss of electrical supply will result in loss of retraction and extension capabilities. Since one switch operates all wheel assemblies, a loss of power wouldn't cause any gear assymetry and would allow for either a safe water or wheel landing.


The Chinook used for testing featured a Rotax 582 engine and weighed in at 630lbs with the amphib gear, including all mounting hardware, floats, retract system and stiffener tubes; everything needed to operate as an amphibious aircraft. With a gross weight of 1050 lbs, this allowed a generous payload capacity of 420 lbs.

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